Who are Smart Youth?

Smart Youth is a youth organization that works preventive with drugs, focusing on tobacco and alcohol debutes in early age. We are a non-profit organisation with young members all over Sweden.

Through Smart Youth, adolescents will get the opportunity to get activated and engaged! They are the operators and the creators of change!

Smart Youth believes that it is important to work drug preventive with children and adolescents. We work with different kinds of contract methods, such as SMART and Tobaksfri Duo. Children and adolescents will get the opportunity to sign a contract againts tobacco or a whole package of unsmart choises, which includes alcohol and other drugs.

The formation of Smart Youth

Smart Youth was founded in 2008. It was SMART:s youths councel that took the initiative during a meeting in Tyresö (outside Stockholm) in the fall, to start a non-profit organisation. It took about two days for the councel to form this new organisation, and they named it Smart Youth (or in swedish - Smart Ungdom).  


Smart Youth today

Today, Smart Youth has more than 3000 members organized in local clubs all around the country. To become a member you have to sign a contract against tobacco (tentatively with Tobaksfri Duo or SMART) and other drugs, and when you have signed the contract, you can choose if you want to become a member or not.

Goal and purpose

Smart Youth work to inspire adolescents to a healthy lifestyle, free from tobacco, alcohol and other drugs! We know how important it is to prevent, and to prevent in the early part of peoples life - that’s why we are working with young people! Our focus lies with healhty factors, such as a positive context, social networks, knowledge, a healthy lifestyle, increased self-esteem, to reduce the risk factors etc. 

  • Smart Youth wants  to gather all youth that has signes a contract around the country, in one big organisaton.

  • Smart Youth wants to offer the members a variety of benefits such as conferences, camps and other activities. They will also get national discounts in their hometown.

  • Smart Youth want to form public opinion on tobacco, alcohol and other drugs.

  • Smart Youth wants to make it easier to say no to tobacco, alcohol and other drugs.

Do you want to become a member, or are you just curious about our organisation? We are here for you! Don’t hesitate to contact us on our e-mail: kansli@smartungdom.se